Saturday, December 10, 2011

*~* Winter Wonderland *~*

Christmas is always a magical time of year for me. The air gets cold and the snow flies, dancing like pixies on the wind leaving frosty footprints on windows. 

I tend to look at the season from a different point of view than many other people my age. I guess in a way I romanticize the season and see the magic in it that only children possess. But me, I love to watch the magic of the season from beginning to end. The lights on the houses that sparkle in the blackness of night, the trees in windows that twinkle against the frosty glass – they are all things that I look forward to for every December.

My favorite thing to do (and this isn't just a winter thing for me) But I love to cozy up in a warm blanket or near the fire and read. Any book really, it doesn't matter what one. 

All I want each year is for my family and friends to be warm, safe, happy and joyful. That's what the true meaning of the holiday's is. So from my winter wonderland to yours - enjoy the snow!!

Happy Reading!

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